TellTale Theatre’s mission is to promote imagination education through original professional
plays and innovative acting workshops.

TellTale Theatre seeks opportunities to dramatize vital personal and social themes, reach new,
disadvantaged and neglected audiences and form effective and innovative artistic partnerships.

1. What is the mission of TellTale Theatre?
The mission of TellTale Theatre is to promote imagination education through original plays and workshops while dramatizing vital social themes,
serving disadvantaged audiences, and establishing effective partnerships.

What types of services do you offer?
TellTale Theatre works closely with organizations to create original plays around vital issues such as health, drug prevention, character
education, care for our waterways, our air and general conservation.

We tour original plays, written around these themes, as well as original adaptations of classics to schools in metro Atlanta. We also tour to
schools, arts councils, camps, and special events throughout the southeast.

We also offer acting workshops and create specially tailored multi-arts programs, as well as running acting camps for school systems, arts
councils and recreational programs. Tell Tale also runs the OTC, a professional improvisational troupe.

What types of performances do you offer?
Telltale provides interactive, topic-based performances, which are written creatively to address societal issues such as seatbelt safety, drug
prevention, character development, environmental protection, and more. Telltale has collaborated with organizations such as Egleston Hospital,
WellStar, and Scottish Rite to develop themed shows.

What is the cost per performance?
Performance cost varies depending on the show and location. Please call us to find out specific pricing for your location.

What types of volunteer opportunities are available?
Volunteer opportunities include:
Marketing/Public Relations - Volunteers work with our Marketing Director to help with organization awareness.
Administrative - Volunteers provide assistance with office duties to include filing, data entry, direct mailing, and phone calls.
Professional Skills - Volunteers assist with costumes, set building, repairs, and painting. On occasion we need volunteers to assist with
Advisory -Board members play a critical role in fundraising and should have a strong commitment to the agency.
Support - Guild Members support the theatre through small annual financial contributions.

How can I find out more about your organization?
We encourage individuals to visit our website at www.telltaletheatre.com for additional information on our organization.

How is the organization funded?
As a 501c3 non-profit organization, TellTale Theatre is funded through grants, sponsorship, individual donations, fees, and our service

How do I audition for TellTale Theatre?
If you are an actor or actress interested in auditioning, please forward a headshot and professional bio to :

TellTale Theatre, 292 Granville Ct., Marietta, GA 30064

9. Do you work with young actors?
TellTale Theatre uses professional adult actors for performances and workshops. We do however support the development of young actors with
our summer camp program and acting workshops.

How can I see a TellTale show?
If you are interested in seeing a show, please contact our office at : telltaletheatre@mindspring.com

11. What are TellTale Theater's credentials?
Now in its 24th season, TellTale has enriched the lives of 1.5 million children and special audiences with more than 6000 performances, 40
original plays and thousands of hours of acting and special workshops. It is on the Georgia, South Carolina, and prestigious Southern Arts
Federation recommended tour rosters. It has been ranked #1 four times by the Georgia Council for the Arts, and has received commendations
for outstanding community service.

Who are some of the organizations for which TellTale has created plays?
Our show for the Clean Air campaign, FRESH AIR, is an important of their educational program for youth. TellTale's safety show for Egleston's
Safe Kids Georgia, played to 80,000 children over three years, including work with Jimmy Carter's Atlanta project. Our drug prevention play for
Scottish Rite Children's Medical Center has won over a dozen grants. We've also created original shows for the Cobb Chamber of Commerce,
South Lake Mall and the Knoxville Symphony as well as shows that have been championed by the Upper Chattahoochee River keeper, WellStar,
and several Clean and Beautiful organizations.
Tell Tale is currently looking for sponsors and supporters to update, improve and expand our Drug Prevention show; to support a new or revised
care for our Waterways musical and to create a new age specific Good Health show.

What and where is the OTC?
OTC (Off The Cobb) is professional ensemble of actors that works improvisationally. OTC performs shows like TV's "Whose Line is it Anyway" at
locations like:"The Punchline", "Red Clay Theater", "Aurora Theater", "Dallas Theatre" and "Theater Decatur". Tailored shows are available for
corporate and special events. Corporate training and adult and teen improv classes are offered periodically or by arrangement.
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to read TellTale's outstanding references and quotes.