Join us on our                                campaign.
Whether you can contribute $4, $40 or $400 . . . It all adds up!

Everyone's dollars are certainly stretched at the holidays, but even the spare
change from a gift purchase, trip to the gas station or grocery store can help
TellTale continue to help kids.

For 28 years TellTale Theatre has brought Imagination Education to the children
of the community.  The shows are not just fun stories, but include themes that
reinforce important character values that all children should learn.  

To help us to continue to strengthen these values, we are continuing or "All 4
Kids" campaign. We are always in need of generous contributions as well as
your help to spread the word.  

Even when money is tight, it is still clear to see that a child with strong character
We want to make it easy.  Below are ways to give and ways to pass it on.

Ways to give:

  • You can click on the PayPal button above to make an instant and secure payment.

  • You can drop your contribution in the mail to the address below.

Ways to pass it on:

  • Email this web page to 10 friends.

  • Suggest it on your Facebook page or Twitter feed.  
Encourage your friends to follow or like us.
They can find out about TellTale and get all of the
"All 4 Kids" campaign info.

  • Set up a change jar at your office, school or church.  TellTale has visited many schools, churches and
    organizations over the years.  Many of your co-workers or friends may want to give as well. (You can
    download a change jar sign by clicking here.)
TellTale Theatre is a non-profit 501 c(3) organization and all contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Give securely through PayPal:

or mail to:
TellTale Theatre
292 Granville Ct. NW   Marietta, Georgia 30064
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"All 4 Kids"

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amount you would like to

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