Thank you for Supporting
Companies and organizations that share TellTale Theatre’s mission to
enhance the lives of children are invited to become a sponsor of the MOVE
YOUR TALE television series.  On-air commercial spots are available with
added benefits

Your sponsorship brings you valuable benefits:

Increase your company’s visibility in an uncluttered
             television environment.
Your message will stand out to AIB’s prominent and
             diverse audience of kids and their parents.
Receive highly cost effective advertising.
Enhance your brand recognition while lending a hand
             to a worthy cause.
Contribute to the future of the community by helping kids
             to a healthier body mind and spirit.

Sponsorship/Ad Type Available:

Ads are of a 'Public Broadcasting' type.  For example: "Company A, where ______ means business, cares for our children the way we care for our customers.  Count on
Company A for all of your business needs.  Go to www.BusinessA.com for more
information and A+ service."  Because it is a health program, we cannot advertise
items which would not support our message. Junk foods are tasty, but they just don't fit the program.  Advertising does not have to be directed at or for children but, obviously, we cannot include items that are inappropriate for them to see.

Pre-Production Specials:

The rates currently available are pre-production special rates.  Secure your ad now to
be among the first ad sponsors when the show airs in Spring/Summer 2010. The pre-
production special allows you to receive 3 airings for the price of one (each episode will
air 3 times per week) plus all of the additional benefits listed in your sponsorship
PACKAGE.  Each episode airing will take place in an after school time slot, a during
school time and on a Saturday each week.  TellTale and the Atlanta Interfaith
Broadcasting Network have committed to a minimum of a 13-week run but anticipate
year round programming.

Non-Profit Organization Specials:

 YOUR organization can make a healthy money move.  Civic,
church, cultural, youth, arts or sports organizations can also team-up with TellTale to
help encourage children to lead physically fit and healthy lives.

If your organization has members who work with or know of companies that might be
interested in advertising and you set up one or more ad sponsorships, your
organization will receive an amount equal to 20% of each first time advertising sale.  
You will also be listed as a partner organization in scrolling on air credits.  Ad spots
start at just $500.  That buys one 15 second spot.  Under pre-production specials, it will
run 3 days instead of just once on that episode.  If you bring an advertiser that
purchases a $500 spot,
your group would receive $100 plus the added benefits
detailed on our sponsorship

Ad Sponsorship Packages Available - Click Here