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2009 Pre-Production Ad Packages Available
$500  - One 15 sec spot, aired 3x in week.  Featured that week on the website.  
Mentioned in newsletter.

$1,000 – Two 20 second spots aired 3x each.  Featured two weeks on the
website.  Will continued to be listed on the website throughout the 13 weeks.  
Your referring or favorite charity will be listed on air. Mentioned in newsletter.

$5,000 – Twelve 20 second spots, each aired 3x.  Featured for all 13 weeks on
the website.  Your favorite charity will be listed all 13 weeks.  You will be featured
in newsletter.  You will be credited at two live performances.

$7,000 – Pilot Sponsor – Will be featured exclusively as the Pilot Sponsor in one
30 second and two 15 second ads – 3x – on the pilot episode.  Will also have
one 30 second spot when the pilot airs as the first episode.  Additionally, will
receive all the credits afforded the “$5,000” sponsor and listed above other
$5,000 sponsors. You will be credited at 4 live performances and featured as the
‘Pilot Sponsor’ in the newsletter.

$25,000 - Season Program Sponsor, will be featured in mention at top of the
show, will be provided a 30 second spot on all 13 episodes (3x) and be featured
as the Season Program Sponsor in two shows (3x).  Will have a banner headline
ad on the program website for 13 weeks; will have a featured article in the
newsletter; will appear on the home page of TellTale Theatre’s website; will be
credited at 10 live performances; favorite charity will receive on air listing on 12

*Sponsors have the option to designate their ad time for a specific charity of their choice.

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